Becoming the hub for all member engagement needs.


Made by movement builders, for movement builders, our features are consistently informed and inspired by our partner users. Host all your community engagement needs in one place. Mobile apps included for all members.

Platform Features:

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Content/Learning Management System

  • Task and project management
  • Online education & certifications
  • Resource centers
  • Collect member reports and reflections
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Rewards Systems

  • Robust & customizable point system
  • Redeemable Badges
  • Offer prizes and reimbursements
  • Customizable leaderboards
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Teams and Communications Tools

  • Messaging system
  • Announcements
  • Activity Feeds
  • Create events and integrate to your calendar
  • Manage volunteer shifts and RSVP's
  • Discussion forums and group conversations
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Powerful Admin Tools

  • Customizable branding and settings
  • Crew Commons to share content across organizations
  • Reward inventory management system
  • Metrics, reports and Google Analytics
  • Customize content visibility, and more.

Platform Outcomes

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Document program
  • Enhanced member participation
  • Stronger sense of community
  • Identify natural leaders in network
  • Increase quality in relationship building
  • Metrics and stories for fundraising
  • Expanded scalability and reach
The Crew Platform has provided a centralized space to share best practices, promote group accountability, and connect across our multi-campus network.
— VIA Programs

Who is the platform for?

  • Chapter Based Programs

  • Competitions

  • Fellowships

  • Mobilizing Parents as Educators

  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Education & Online Certifications

  • Training Educators & Schools

  • Grassroots Movements

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A Comprehensive Onboarding Process

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Onboarding Session

Once an organization has decided to integrate the Crew Platform to their process, we offer an in-person or online workshop designed to create a program map, reflect on their engagement process and create an adequate content structure.

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Pre-Launch Support

With a clear launch timeline, we support our clients in every step of the the launch process. Including, training additional staff and designing a strategy for successfully on-boarding their communities.

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Ongoing Support

After launch, we continue supporting our clients experience to help ensure success. Their ideas and use case needs reflect directly on the direction of our feature sets.


A Quick Platform Tour

Crew helps us break down daunting tasks like building a social movement into discrete, actionable tasks. The platform has helped us think smarter about community management to engage more students and spend our time and resources wisely. And students really love it!
— Campus Kitchens Project


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